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Spin for a chance at a big spin

More than $17.6 Million in Prizes including a chance at a Big Spin Event for up to $300,000

Play The Big Spin Scratch-Offs game from The New Jersey Lottery for a chance to win up to $100,000 instantly OR a chance at reaching THE BIG SPIN EVENT, where you can spin THE BIG SPIN wheel for a chance at up to $300,000!

Click the ENTER HERE to enter your SPIN CODE and spin the wheel to see if you have won. If you land on BIG SPIN, you could be headed to the event to try your luck at THE BIG SPIN.

  1. Enter your spin prize code
    image description Scratch to reveal spin code
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  2. Push the spin button
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  3. Wait for the wheel to stop
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  4. Result will display on end screen
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  5. End screen
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    Congratulations! Take your Big Spin Ticket to a New Jersey Lottery Retailer to claim your prize.

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The Big Spin: Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Big $pin®?

The Big $pin® Scratch-Offs game (#01728) offers winners the opportunity to participate in a live BIG SPIN EVENT to win between $50,000 and $300,000.

How do I play The Big $pin?
  • SCRATCH - Match any of YOUR NUMBERS to any of the WINNING NUMBERS win PRIZE shown for that number
  • If the PRIZE for the matching YOUR NUMBER is “SPIN”, go to and enter your SPIN REVEAL CODE to reveal your SPIN PRIZE!
  • Once at, enter your 6-digit SPIN REVEAL CODE located in the upper right of your The Big $pin® ticket. Click SPIN to spin the wheel and when the wheel stops, your PRIZE will be displayed. Prizes range from $10 to $5,000 or a BIG SPIN EVENT. Remember, PRIZES over $600 must be redeemed at any lottery office.
  • LIVE SPIN - If the animated wheel lands on BIG SPIN, you win a BIG SPIN LIVE event with a guaranteed prize ranging from $50,000 to $300,000.
I won a SPIN PRIZE. What do I do?

Visit any lottery retailer to validate your ticket and claim your PRIZE. Lottery retailers can cash prizes up to $599. Fill out a claim form mailer for prizes $600 and greater.

I won a BIG SPIN PRIZE. What do I do?

Visit any lottery retailer to validate your ticket and fill out a claim form mailer. Or visit to find a claim form mailer. Once your ticket is validated, the New Jersey Lottery will contact you to schedule your BIG SPIN EVENT.

Can I check my The Big $pin tickets at the ticket checker or with the NJ Lottery mobile app to see if I have won a prize?

Yes, as with all NJ Lottery games you can scan your ticket with the ticket checker at Lottery retailers or by using the NJ Lottery mobile app to see if it is a winner.

How many The Big $pin prizes are available?

The Big $pin® has six BIG SPIN prizes.

What's involved in participating in The Big $pin LIVE EVENT?

After your ticket is validated as a BIG SPIN LIVE EVENT winner, the NJ Lottery will contact you to schedule your BIG SPIN LIVE event.

Click Here for The Big Spin Official Rules